Childrens stories around my underwater photos

A nice way to experience my underwater photography is through my book Wonderwater.

Nine imaginative poems tell stories from the underwater world. Mermaids, sea monsters and other water creatures experience adventures in the sea surrounding the beautiful Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire. They come to life illustrated by many stunning fairy like underwater photos.

For this project I went to the island Bonaire for two months. I created this book together with writers Sanny Ensing, Remda Spoelstra and with the help of many child models. The children really posed under water for the underwater photos.

I also published a Dutch version of my book.

Read Alone: Age 8+
Read Aloud: Age 5+
64 pages
21 x 27 cm, hard cover
Price: € 21,00
ISBN number: 978-90-824548-1-9

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