We are all enjoying the beautiful underwater world. To keep our oceans healthy they need to be protected.

The goal of this project is to generate awareness of the challenges our oceans face, and how we can protect them, in a creative way.

Each photo will feature people in the spotlight that are committed to protecting the ocean.

My partner Bryan Rolfe and I are currently sailing our little 27-foot boat “Tarka” in the Caribbean and will soon begin crossing the South Pacific through French Polynesia and on to Australia. During this trip we will visit many beautiful islands and, along the way, we plan to organize underwater photoshoots.

The Adventures of Tarka  is also raising money for The Coral Reef Alliance

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Big Ocean Clean Up

Between the pillars of beautiful coral, we’d like to see a healthy ocean without plastic.

When we arrived in Curaçao, I wanted to find out what was being done on the island to help protect the ocean. I got a tip to contact Hans Pleij, the owner of CURious2DIVE. He has many ongoing projects with a healthier ocean in mind. These include helping injured turtles, establishment of a coral garden and organizing clean up dives.

Hans explains: “It is important to make the people aware of their role in the prevention of waste. Especially young people that can still change their habits. We want young people to learn to collect their waste in the right way instead of throwing it into the environment.”

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The Successful Coral Garden


The project begins in Bonaire. Three years ago here, I completed my Open Water with the local dive operation “Wannadive”. They have a history of protecting and conserving ecosystems that we enjoy as divers here, and they have been involved in many projects to that effect, including creating and managing coral trees to help in the recovery of elkhorn and staghorn coral.

The Coral Garden of Wannadive

Algae, tropical stroms and hotter water have damage the Caribbean’s Staghorn and Elkhorn reefs. But scuba divers are helping the corals back on track. These corals, which mainly grow in the shallow water, are important. They serve as a breeding ground for the entire reef and they protect the coastline. The absence of these corals is a serious attack on the fish population.

WannaDive owner, Bart Snelder, tells an enthusiastic story about the coral gardens: “Our breeding method is designed to support the growth of these hard corals and accelerate their recovery.”

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